Community Outreach

DNA Rising - Serving the Community

  • Home Workshop: Veteran Support

    April 2, 2022

    What We Will Covered

    •Individualized assistance from knowledgeable Community partners based on your current needs

    •First time buyer and/or rental resource information based on The Cleveland Housing Network program

    •Information on the application process for our upcoming renovated rental home

    We are so thankful for our Veterans and their service to our Country!

  • Home Workshop: Single Mother Support

    March 6, 2022

    We had an energetic group who came out to learn, grow and support each other as we kicked off Women's History Month. #HerStory

    We were captured by listening to a powerful journey of going from powerlessness to fully empowered. While gaining nuggets on financial wellness as well as how to start and/or mature your business.

    Budgeting is also a way to financial success so understanding how to plan and setting realistic goals are keys to success.

    What an amazing event.

    Tune in for deep dives on First time homebuyer programs and Credit Repair Part II.

  • Home Workshop: Credit Repair and Wealth Building


    Focused on WHAT credit truly is and how to ensure we are taking advantage of it smartly or learning how to repair it.

    Credit is about you and your behavior.

    Investing in yourself should be your first priority.

  • Home Workshop: Budgeting and Savings


    Focused on learning HOW to budget and save strategically and with conviction.

    You CAN stay in your current home.

    You CAN seek opportunities to buy for the first time, rent a better place or move into your dream home.